Are You Expecting or Giving?

Our family has been going through the book “Our Family Time with God” by Harold D. Vaughan during our evening family Bible time. It was so good that I thought I’d share a little of it with you…“Someone wisely said, ‘Expectations destroy relationships.’ When our expectations don’t come to pass, the result is disappointment; andContinue reading “Are You Expecting or Giving?”

Mommy’s Strawberry Ice Cream Cake

“Mommy’s” Ice Cream Cake has now become a birthday favorite.  The first one started a couple years ago.  My son wanted a mint ice cream cake.  What is a mommy to do but get creative?  So, I made him one with chocolate mint ice cream and chocolate mint cookies.  This year he asked again forContinue reading “Mommy’s Strawberry Ice Cream Cake”