How To Know He Is THE One

💗”How did you know that your husband was the one?”💗 This question made me pause and think. It definitely requires a lot of prayer and being sensitive to the Lord…but is there any other advice? Before my husband and I dated, I already had a “character list” in my heart of what I felt wasContinue reading “How To Know He Is THE One”

Good Books Are Like Godly Counsellors

I was an avid reader all growing up, really up until I had kids. I just couldn’t find time when I had so many little ones running around and needing so much. Recently I have started reading again, nonfiction, to get the encouragement and wisdom I need as a christian, mother, and wife. I haveContinue reading “Good Books Are Like Godly Counsellors”

When Distress Comes

“But David encouraged himself in the Lord.” 1 Samuel 30:6 This verse comes to my mind every time I am faced with discouragement.  Everyone had turned against David, and even thought of stoning him.  The verse says he was greatly distressed…”but David encouraged himself in the Lord.” Years ago when we were in Ukraine, I was facedContinue reading “When Distress Comes”