When Distress Comes

“But David encouraged himself in the Lord.”

1 Samuel 30:6

This verse comes to my mind every time I am faced with discouragement.  Everyone had turned against David, and even thought of stoning him.  The verse says he was greatly distressed…”but David encouraged himself in the Lord.”

Years ago when we were in Ukraine, I was faced with discouragement that felt like I was physically weighed down.  I remember being so exhausted that I’d lay down on the bathroom floor and cry out to the Lord.  My husband was busy with the ministry and I felt I needed someone.  I thought, “If only someone in the States would write me!”   Well, someone did. But it didn’t take away the depression. 

The Lord used that time to show me that it wasn’t others I needed…it was only HIM.  He led me to that verse during that time and has brought it to my mind any time discouragement starts to creep up in my life, or friends turn on me.  

“But David encouraged himself in the Lord.”

SO powerful! There lies the secret! 

Others cannot completely help us to overcome the discouragement in our lives.  

Overcoming discouragement in our lives lies in our hands! We must choose to turn to the Lord and encourage ourselves IN HIM!

Our joy lies not in others, but only in Him!

When distresses come and threaten to weigh you down remember “but David encouraged himself in the Lord”, and turn to Him in prayer, pull out your Bible, seek Him until He restores unto you the joy of your salvation!

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