Where He Leads

Yesterday my husband gave his notice of resignation at our church. A church that we dearly love, who have become like family. It was not in our plans. We planned on raising our children here. BUT GOD KNEW, and has been preparing our hearts over the last year.

As some of you know, the Lord had led me to close my little boutique just as it started to grow. I did not know why, but felt He had something for us and the boutique would hinder that work in our lives. But we had no clue.

We planned garden beds and I purchased some tools for my husband he was looking at for his birthday in early March so he and the boys could work on wood projects. But God had other plans.

During our mission’s conference the last week of February, the Lord began working in our hearts through the presentation, and messages. One message in particular entitled It’s The Eleventh Hour and God is Still Calling Laborers burned in our hearts. The next week my husband shared with me that he felt the Lord was calling us once again to the mission field, only this time to Africa. As he had been praying over a map of the continent, he felt the Lord specifically leading to a little country called Malawi.

Things have been moving so fast since then that it’s hard to catch my breath. We have started the process of getting accepted by a mission board and will be going to candidate school the first of June, then starting deputation, visiting churches to raise the needed support to go to the field.

We covet your prayers as we follow the Lord in this, both for us and those we love so dearly who are struggling with the goodbyes. Emotions are all over the place right now, but I am so glad that we serve a God who is constant, always the same.

2 thoughts on “Where He Leads

  1. I’m excited for your family as you’ll follow God and His plan for you!! I will miss having y’all as “church neighbors” but we can still stay connected ❤️


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