Bid Me To Come

My husband preached this message the other night on Matthew 14:28. Peter from the boat, saw Jesus walking on the water. He said those words, “Bid me to come!”

He saw the stormy waters. He was safe in the boat. Yet he wanted that opportunity to walk on the water. So he asked to leave that comfortable spot, to walk to Jesus. My husband related that to a child playing tag who never roams far from the “safe” zone. He never gets to fully enjoy the game because he stays where he can always touch safety.

We are prone to want to stay with what we are familiar with, what is comfortable to us. We are willing to maybe stick a hand or foot in the water, but we don’t want to get out of the boat. We are afraid to ask the Lord to bid us to come because we see the possible dangers and hardships. It seems like so many uncertainties lie ahead, so it is easier to stay where we are.

I have often thought about that, not on Peter sinking, but more on this…

Why is it that none of the other disciples got to experience the miracle of walking on water? Why were they not able to walk beside Jesus? Simply because they did not ask, “Bid me to come!”

I don’t want to stay just where there is comfort. I want to experience His power, to walk on water! And as my husband concluded his message, I penned the first two paragraphs to this poem, my heart’s cry, “Bid Me To Come”.

Bid Me To Come

Bid me to come,

Gentle Savior,

To walk on the stormy seas!


Bid me to come,

Precious Lord,

To leave my place of ease!


Bid me to come,

O Great I Am,

Though on Thee I forget to think!


Bid me to come,

Dear Redeemer,

Though my eyes cause me to sink.


Bid me to come,

My Strength, My Deliverer,

Lift me up, o’er angry tide!


Bid me to come,

Sweet Shepherd Kind,

That I may walk by Thy side!


Bid me to come,

Is my plea,

That Thy power I may see!


Bid me to come,

Is my cry,

To live for Thee, and to self die!

(If you would like to listen to my husband’s sermon, it is online here .)

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