Who Do You Think YOU Are?

On deputation I had the opportunity to sing in many churches.  People would often ask if I had a CD.  I would blush and say I didn’t.  Eric mentioned doing one a few times, but never pushed it as he knew I wasn’t comfortable with it.  I just didn’t feel ready or qualified to make a CD.Last year he started looking more into it and talking more about it with me.  I was nervous.  I would tell him that no one wanted to listen to me!  I didn’t think it was worth the money, but I finally agreed.I started getting the songs I had written organized and preparing for it.  Things happened and it didn’t look like it was going to work out.I had already begun working on opening a modest dress boutique, when Eric came to me again in May of this year.”If I call and schedule for you to record, are you willing to do it?””Sure.” I agreed, thinking it would be later in the fall or even next spring.Boy was I surprised when he said it was scheduled for next month!I only told a few people.  I was too nervous!When the time came for us to let people know we would be gone and why, someone jokingly came up to me after the evening service and echoed my own thoughts when they said, “Well!  Who do you think YOU are?”  I am a nobody.Serving Somebody.Who IS WORTHY.Putting the CD on the website was probably even more intimidating.  I pray that it is a blessing and encouragement to those who receive it.

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