Purpose to Sing

A new year.

We all begin each year by making “our plans”. But one thing this last year has shown us is that – we have no control over all the circumstances in our life, BUT we can control our actions.

We can praise God in everything.

We can trust that The Author knows the ending…we need not fear!

While I still have some goals I’d like to achieve, like getting my house more organized, eating healthier, prioritizing exercise….my greatest goal for the year is to have a joyful spirit whatever the Lord has me go through. I want to be a Paul singing even when chained in prison. I want to purpose in my heart to be more joyful in everything. Not a silly, foolish , naive happiness; but one rooted in the peace and rest found in my Savior!

Happy New Year, my sweet friends! May you find peace and joy in knowing that your Savior has everything in HIS hands!

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