Do You Need to Date Around?

“There are many fish in the sea. You shouldn’t just settle for the first one.

You need to look around.”

I’m here to tell you girls…No. You don’t.

I know this goes against popular opinion, but you do not need to date around to find the right guy. We had both gone against the flow of those around us, and weren’t interested in dating for fun. We both knew there were only two ends to that…one, it would end it heartbreak, or two, it would end in marrying someone out of God’s will.

I want to encourage you to wait for the man God has for you! Make a list and pray about your future spouse. Top of my list was that he be saved, loved the Lord and wanted to serve Him. Tall, dark and handsome was further down the list, but God even answered that part of my prayer! 😉

You don’t need to date to know if a guy has the character you desire in a husband. In fact, sometimes dating can blind you.

Twenty years ago, the man of my dreams asked me to go to a church ice skating outing…and I knew, he was a man I could spend the rest of my life with!

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