Creating A Haven of Rest

Have you ever felt like you just needed to get away, to escape, to relax? I know I definitely have! I just want to go somewhere peaceful and get away from all my responsibilities. But what I’ve found over the years is that the effects of those little retreats, while refreshing, did not last long.

A desire began to grow in me to create sanctuaries of rest within my own home. I began to surround myself with simple, daily pleasures. You don’t need to spend a ton of money. It can be as simple as a pretty cup to drink my coffee from, turning on some peaceful, godly music, lighting a candle, putting my food on a pretty plate and actually sitting down to eat it rather than grabbing bites here and there. This encourages in me a joyful, thankful spirit for the daily blessings the Lord has given me – no matter how difficult the night before was.

I truly believe godly music is a gift from the Lord to calm our spirits! We even see in the Bible David played before Saul to calm his spirit when the Lord left him.I remember having this desire growing up as well. With five brothers and one sister, finding quiet time was difficult. So I hid a small container and pillow at the back of my closet. I tacked missionary cards up and created my own prayer closet. That was my own little quiet space where no one could find me.

I got married, kids came, and life got busier. Every once in a while I have to step back once again – create some spaces and add little things to my daily routine to remind myself to slow down once again.

Each season of my life, and each place has brought different challenges, but I’ve found that living intentionally daily, creating spaces of rest where I can refresh myself in the Lord, does more for me than planning a vacation.

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